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What Are The Classification Of A Baby Blanket?
Aug 01, 2016

The classification of different, from the perspective of fabrics can be divided into coral carpet, mink blankets, yarn thread blanket, cotton blanket, Russell H· Conwell, etc. From the perspective of use can be divided into holding blankets, covered with carpet, cushion, blanket, etc. 2,000-30 million infants are born every year in China, 8-36-month-old infant about 45 million, 320 million children, 0-4 infants and young children, consumers will have 80 million. Large consumer groups, for baby boy blanket market and laid a solid foundation. Furthermore, baby blankets products are not seasonal, season, hot summer and cold winter must give the child with a blanket, no distinct seasons like the clothing section, easy unsalable goods, inventory, use of funds, brand health management. Meanwhile, infant boys blanket from domestic restrictions apply to any family. To sum up, baby boy blanket market potential is huge, there are huge opportunities to be developed.

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