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Baby Bed First And Foremost Is Safety
Aug 01, 2016

1, safety standards: safety should always come first to consider, cribs must meet strict safety standards. 

2, border fence: choose cylindrical bars, the distance between the two fences not over 6 cm in order to prevent the baby's head out. Some mothers like patterns are more complicated, but the crib, in fact, this bed is safe enough for children.    Because the bed bar or raised bed carving easy to hook the child's clothing, when a child tried to break free, it is possible to crash injuries. 

3, baby beds all surfaces must be painted to prevent cracking of the cover: teething babies like to chew with my mouth things, bilateral cross bar must be installed on the edge of the bed covers, parents should pay attention to metal crib must not contain lead and other elements harmful to the child's body.Railings, painted materials, such as non-toxic, no heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, potassium, etc) components. 

4, buffer surrounding mat: around the crib around in clothing or plastic easy to tear around the pad to protect baby's head. Wall pads at least more than six knots tied; bow tie straps to keep the shortest length, in order to prepare for the baby to her neck. Once baby step into the surrounding mat should take away the surrounding mats, as they may become a baby crawling out of the bed of the stepping stones. 

5, mattress: when mattresses adjusted to its highest position, it with the edge of the bed must be at least 25 cm. Mattress and bed frame tightly close together to prevent baby to look in. On the choice of the mattress, conventional cotton bedding is a good choice.

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