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Functional requirements for baby clothes
Aug 01, 2016

Baby clothing style when selecting features sexually explicit, it is necessary to facilitate parents and make baby feel comfortable. Babies generally do not have buttons on clothing, because I was afraid the baby eating will not cause danger, so use the strap. This reminds parents not to look good but don't make any unnecessary baby clothes decorations or choose some accessories, clothing, avoiding harm to the baby. While most suitable for baby's collar is t, will not make clothes rub baby neck and feel uncomfortable. In summer, lower neckline to increase easily freely, in winter, on the other hand, narrow, high, convenient and warm. Is worthy of the parents attention, baby's optic nerve is underdeveloped, so smaller baby clothing should not be using the irritation of green color. For infants, the shoe is not too early to prepare, because the baby after eight or nine months to learn to walk, wearing socks more opportunities than the opportunity to wear shoes, so socks should prepare some more, because socks are very easily lost, so it's best to choose the same style suit, if you lose one you can still pair to wear. Two-piece clothing easy to loose, stretching high jump with more suitable for babies.

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