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All Natural Whisker Shave Oil by Olie Biologique 20ml RNUPKLFVA

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Best shave experience: clean, close shave with no nicks, cuts, razor burn, ingrown hairs or irritation – for men and womenLightweight, quick absorbing oil with a subtle scent of citrus and spice that doesn’t linger or compete with other productsCertified by PETA: cruelty-free and vegan, cold-pressed whole plant ingredientsPure, plant-based, all natural oils: 0% nasties, 0% synthetic, paraben-freeSustainable, non-GMO ultra-concentrated botanical blend: camellia oil, rosehip oil, aloe vera and black seed

An Incredibly Effective Blend Of 8 Skin Healing Botanical Oils

All over the world, thousands of scientists are slaving over chemical compounds in an attempt to find the latest and greatest skin-care ingredient. But the simple fact is that the most dramatic skin transformations don’t come from laboratories. They come from the incredible power of nature. When you use the best quality, 100% organic botanical oils in a high concentration, then the results are absolutely phenomenal.

Restore Radiance To Your Skin – Amazingly Fast

We’ve taken 8 of the most powerful skin nurturing ingredients and created this unprecedented formula. It will have a profoundly transformative effect on your skin. All you have to do is massage four to five drops directly into your face, or add it to your usual moisturizer. In just a few days you’ll see a massive difference in the tone and texture of your skin, and other people will notice it too. That’s the power of high strength natural ingredients.

A Multitude Of Skin-Healing Benefits

This oil has so many different botanical ingredients packed into one jar, which gives it a huge range of skin soothing powers. These ingredients combine to naturally maximize collagen production, helping to firm up skin and flatten out wrinkles. You can detox your skin and reduce inflammation, bringing down puffiness and diminishing the appearance of your dark circles. You can also deeply hydrate the skin and, in the long term, fight the signs of aging by neutralizing free radicals. It really is a complete skincare solution in just one bottle.

Full Of Nature’s Goodness – With No Nasty Stuff

All of our skincare oil blends are 100% natural with no parabens, synthetic colors or artificial fragrances, and no animal testing.

Give Your Skin A Radiant Glow Again – Try This Oil Today

All Natural Whisker Shave Oil by Olie Biologique 20ml RNUPKLFVA

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